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네번째 강의 주제 - Music

오픽 시험준비 4 일차 강의에서는 " 주력 주제 " 인 " 음악 " 에 대한 주제를 가지고 공부했습니다. 

" 비 주력 주제 " 는 나올 확률이 적기때문에, 혹시 나올지 모른다는 가능성으로 답변을 짧지만 수준높게 준비해야 하지만, " 주력 주제 "출제될 확률이 정말 높아서 거의 나올것이라는 예상 하에 답변을 준비해야 합니다. 그렇기 때문에 오늘 공부하는 내용들은 " 비 주력 주제 " 를 공부했을 때와는 달리 답변이 길고 수준이 조금 높아 어려움이 조금 있을거라 생각됩니다.

하지만, 오픽 등급을 올리고 싶은분들 에게는 조금이나마 도움이 될거라 생각합니다. ^^

1. 음악을 처음 좋아하게 된 계기, 취향 변화

How did you first get interested in music ?
What kind of music did you listen to when you were young ?
How was that music different from the music you listen to today ?
How has your interest in music changed over the years ?

When i was a kid, i used to listen to a Korean group called GOD.
There were sensational at that point of time.
They sang and danced very well.
Among their songs, 거짓말 was my favorite.
I used to listen to it over and over again.

But as i got older, I started to listen to various types of music.
Sometimes, i listen to
soft music.
I listen to those song when i'm studying.
Sometimes, i listen to upbeat music.
I listen to those songs when i'm working out.



at that point of time 

바로 그 시점에서 


~ 중에 

over and over again 


soft music 

부드러운 음악 

upbeat music 

박자가 강한 음악 

2. 라이브 음악 들었던 경험( 콘서트 / 라이브 카페 )

Tell me about a time when you went to listen to some live music.
Perhaps it was at a concert or a live cafe. What was the mood like ?
How did you like the music you listened to there ?

I remember going to a concert a few years ago.

It was a concert by a Korean singer called Jay Park.
The concert was held at a huge Club.
The mood of the concert was very lively.
The fans were screaming throughout the concert.
They were singing along to the songs.
It was overwhelming.

There were many special effects.
It was spectacular.

Looking back, It was one of the most memorable concert in my life.
It was worth the money i spent.


생기가 넘치는 


~ 동안 


가슴이 벅찬 / 압도적인 



1. 좋아하는 음악 장르, 좋아하는 가수

You indicated that you like to listen to music.
What type of music do you like listening to ?
Plus, tell me about some singers or composers you like.

I'm not that picky with music.
I just listen to whatever is good at that point of time.

One of my favorite singers would have to be a Korean singer called Jay Park.
He is one of the most well - known musicians in Korea.
His music is very trendy. He has tons of hit songs.
I like his songs because of the catchy melody and the lyrics.
Among his songs, 헐크호건 is my favorite.
Plus, He is very good - looking and talented.
Also, He has s very nice and unique voice.

Meanwhile, I also like a Korean group called 에이핑크.
They are one of the biggest groups in Korea.
There are Six members in the group.
They are released a new single recently and it was a big hit.

Both Jay Park and 에이핑크 are very popular in Korea.
But their music is very different.
Jay Park does a lot of Hip - pop, but 에이핑크 does a lot of Pop.
Also, Their fan base is a little different.
에이핑크 has more guy fans than girl fans.

I hope they both become bigger singers in the future.



would have to be 

~ 라고 해야할 것 같다. 

well - known 

잘 알려진 


최신 유행의 

tons of ~ 



귀에 쏙쏙 박히는 



good - looking 






로그인 하지않고 클릭할 수 있는 " 공감 " 은 TBG 에 큰 힘이 됩니다. ^^

  1. BlogIcon Bliss :) 2017.07.10 14:30 신고

    오픽 준비중시군요^^ 블로그로 나눔하는 것 좋은 것 같아요. 공부도 되고 지식기부도 되고, 저도 덕분에 따라서 읽어봤네요. 원하시는 목표 꼭 성취하시길요^^

    • 평소에 영어를 좋아했는데, 점수로 평가받기 싫었지만.. 뭔가 점점 극복해야될 대상이 된것 같아서 준비하게 되었어요 ㅋㅋ 그래도 엄청 도움이되더라구요 ㅎㅎ